Pro Interface-Scout by IWC

Pro Interface-Scout by IWC

Pro Interface-Scout by IWC


Pro Interface-Scout by IWC attaches to every SureFire Scout Light PRO so you can mount it to any (original) Scout pattern Scout Mount on the market. 

With Pro Interface-Scout by IWC, there's no need to spend $50+ on a new, dedicated Scout Pro light mount when you want to change your light.

Simply remove the MLOK or Picatinney Mount that came with your Surefire PRO Series light and replace it with the Pro Interface-Scout by IWC

LIGHTS - EVERY Surefire Scout Pro Light can accept the Pro Interface-Scout by IWC. 

Simplistic, Reliable, Ultra-Lightweight design contains only the materials needed to meet the objective; attaching the Surefire PRO light to any (original) Scout pattern Scout Mount on the market.  


Weighs only .1 Ounces.

Simplistic single-piece design improves reliability, eliminates complexity and reduces weight.

Ease of Install. Only one tool needed for installation, 1/8" Hex Key for secure attachment, use to tighten pivot bolt in Scout Pro light

CNC Machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum and Type III Mil-Spec Anodized finish.


LIFETIME WARRANTY. Return for full refund, including your Shipping Charges.

NOTE: Scout Pro NOT INCLUDED in purchase price, shown for illustration and examples of the item installed on a Scout Pro Light.



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