Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount - Scout

Benelli M4 Light Mount

Benelli M4 Light Mount - SCOUT Compatible Lights


Benelli M4 Light Mount - SCOUT SKU: LBM4S is designed to direct attach Scout type lights and light bodies that have a removable rail mount clamp, Including the following: Cloud Defensive REIN (ALL), Surefire M300/M600/M600DF Scout, Streamlight Rail Mount 1, 2 & HLX (NON-Laser), Olight ODIN, MODLITE (ALL), and ALL Replacement M300/M600 CR123A, 13650, 18650 Battery compatible Scout Bodies.

NOT COMPATIBLE: Surefire PRO Scout Lights.

Simplistic, Reliable, Ultra-Lightweight design contains only the materials needed to meet the objective; attaching a light to the Benelli M4 Weapon System.

Designed with two AMBI Light mounting locations, so you can place the tail cap of the light in either the 1:00 or 11:00 position. Positions your tail cap on your weapon for activation by your support hand thumb.

Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount-N-Slot positions the bezel of the light above the barrel and on your support side to eliminate all shadows, improving your ability to confirm the threat in no-light situations.

Mount contains two AMBI Rotation Limited QD Sling Mounts, eliminating the need for the factory sling loop mount, saving weight.

NO TOOLS or REMOVAL of MULTI LIGHT BENELLI M4 Mount-N-Slot needed to disassemble the M4. Compliant with ARDEC Solicitation DAAE-30-98R-0401. IWC's Rotational Clamp incorporating our proprietary Circumferential Locking Tab securely attaches the Multi Light Mount to the Snap Ring Groove on the Barrel Hanger Lug, eliminating any possibility for the light mount to come off under any condition.

NO Barrel / Magazine Tube Contact / Impact to Zero. Improved accuracy, minimal heat transfer, install and forget... no need to zero accessories when maintaining weapon.


Weighs only 1.27 Ounces.

Simplistic two-piece design improves reliability, eliminates complexity and reduces weight.

Ease of Install. Only one tool needed for installation, 9/64" Hex Key used to install 8-32" Fasteners for secure attachment

CNC Machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum and Black Type III Mil-Spec Anodized finish.


LIFETIME WARRANTY. Return for full refund, including your Shipping Charges.

With IWC's ADAPTABLE MODULAR LIGHT SYSTEM, there's no need to spend $$$'s on a new light mount when you want to change your light.

MODULAR. ADAPTABLE. Simply remove your Scout light and attach the optional 1913 PicRail Adaptor designed to attach a Weapon Mounted Light like the Inforce WML, the optional PRO Interface-Scout to attach Surefire Scout PRO lights or add one of IWC's optional Light Rings to attach a hand held light to your Benelli M4 weapon system.


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Product Reviews

  1. Don

    The best light mount for Benelli shotguns. Very well made and finished. Solid mount and easy on the eyes. I ordered just the mount and didn’t read enough of the description to realize it doesn’t work with a scout pro light. So I ordered the rail section and an additional light that would directly mount up. Later that day I get a call from the owner of the company saying he thinks I ordered the rail section and didn’t need it. He was correct and fixed the order. We spoke for a while and he even texted me pics of proper installation. Yeah I’m a dumbass but this company made a big “impact” on me.
    I can’t say enough about IWC. Solid company, great innovation, outstanding customer service!

  2. Samuel

    This is a nicely machined product, that in addition to being very functional, is aesthetically pleasing.

    I had some issues after install, and after emailing customer service (on a Sunday evening mind you), I received a phone call the same night. Apparently I had over torqued the mount while installing, causing the issue I was having.

    The company took care of me and sent me a new mount even when it was no fault of their own.

    Highly recommend both the part and the company!

  3. Connor

    This is an excellent light and sling mount for the M4 I paired it with a surefire M600, just make sure you install your scout light on the mount before you install it on the shotgun or you will have to take it back apart like I did. I also got one of the QD sling mounts for the Buttstock as well.

  4. Joshua

    Did a lot of research into the best qd sling mount for the Benelli M4. I was led here after multiple reviews/recommendations. I was not disappointed. I bundled this with the buttstock qd mount and M600DF. Install was very easy. Just make sure you have a T9 torx wrench to take off the rail mount on the scout light. I am very happy with this quality mount and cannot recommend it enough.

    I placed the order while the item was backordered and customer service was very quick to respond to all of my inquiries. Thanks for this outstanding product and service!

  5. Don

    Researched quite a bit and this mount seemed ideal. I used an Olight Odin with this mount and it fits perfectly. The design of the mount is perfect as I wanted a QD sling mount as well. I now have my sling mounted along with the flashlight. Installation was pretty easy once I had the right tools - I had to purchase snap ring pliers to remove the original sling mount and a 9/64" allen key.
    I like that the mount does not touch the barrel and the installation is very solid.

  6. Michael

    Best light mount for the Benelli M4! And even better company! There was an issue with my shipping info so I sent out an email and got a response within a few minutes. Everything was solved, I got the part very quickly, and it works like a charm. Will definitely come to this website before any others to look for parts.

  7. Damian

    Absolutely phenomenal. The best, and most intuitive mount for the m4 platform. Great work on this!

  8. Craig

    Best mount for the m4 by far!

  9. Calvin

    Outstanding weaponlight mount for the M4!

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