Reversible Weapon Control Hand Stop - 1913 Picatinny

IWC designed the WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT 1913 Hand Stop to attach directly to any MIL-SPEC 1913 Picatinny Rail.

Reversible WEAPON CONTROL Hand Stop is designed to provide a low profile, ergonomic and highly functional device for enhancing weapon control.

Unlike all other Hand Stops available today, IWC designed our WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT to be extremely compact, using only one recoil slot on the rail. This allows the Hand Stop to be placed practically anywhere along any 1913 MIL-Spec rail surface.

The ergonomics of the IWC's Hand Stop lends itself to a push or pull method. The Operator can place them in the desired location, usually along the bottom of the hand guard, allowing the weapon to be pulled into the shoulder pocket, or directly attached to the side of the hand guard, allowing the WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT to index perfectly in the web of your hand, like a Glock or 1911 would, for proper alignment behind a weapon mounted flashlight. It also works well for Operators who use a hand stop with two fingers in front, and two fingers behind the stop.


Ergonomic, compact design eliminates all sharp edges which can ensnarl the operators gear.

Ultra-lightweight MOUNT-N-SLOT design weighs only .56 ounces.

Over 65% more usable rail space, compared to the other Hand Stops available today. 

Occupies a single recoil slot, allowing the operator to mount anywhere along the MIL-Spec Rail surface.

CNC Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum; Hard anodized Type III matte finish per MIL-A-8625F.

Easily installation and simple to follow instructions, using the Hex Key and a single 8-32 x 1" SHCS fastener.

NO GUNSMITHING - Mounting does not require alteration of firearm.

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. PERIOD. Return for full refund including your shipping charges.

MADE IN USA; Including Materials, Tool and Packaging.


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