SCAR QD RL Sling Mount Front or Left Rear

Sling Your SCAR Like FN Intended, By The Factory Sling Loop!

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QUALITY - IWC CNC machines these peices from 303 Stainless Steel and plates them with Black Melonite for unmatched wear resistance. IWC's QD RL Sling Mounts are the highest quality, most durable and rugged available.

Unlike our competition, which use 6061-T6 aluminium, IWC uses 303 Stainless Steel for a lifetime of trouble free use. Compare our T25 TORX Head 8-32" Grade 8 Fastener (T25 TORX is standard on SCAR's) to our competition, who use smaller screws or hex heads which can eaisly strip out.

For installation on the either of the FRONT or LEFT TOP REAR (not bottom left or right rear) FN SCAR Factory Sling Loops. IWC's QD RL Sling Mount fits both Oval & Rectangle shaped SCAR Factory Sling Loops. No need to risk buying the wrong part!

Price Includes: One (1) Mount and Hardware, which can be attached to either the Left Rear, Left Front or Right Front Factory Sling Loops.

Product Specifications:

CNC Machined from 303 Stainless Steel. Black Melonite Plated for military grade performance over the life of your weapon.

T25 TORX 8-32" Grade 8 fastener using a cross-bolt design and securely attaches IWC's QD RL Sling Mount to you factory Sling Loop. T25 is the standard size fastener used on the SCAR, so you wont need to cary extra tools. 

Installation is simple, unlike our competitiors, which require removal of factory fasteners which can eaisly strip. SImply insert IWC's QD RL Sling Mount into your SCAR's Factory Sling Loop, insert the fastener and tighten. You're GTG!

No modification to the weapon required.

Ergonomic design precisely matches the SCAR's Factory Sling Loop, eliminating all sharp edges.

Ultralight weight design - less than an ounce.

Eight position rotation limited design prevents sling wrap-up during use of the weapon.

100% Lifetime Warranty. Have an issue, return for full credit including shipping.


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Product Reviews

  1. Steven

    When I was ready to sling my Scars I started looking for QD mount options. I didnt want to take any screws out of the gun in order to install a QD mount. There are many bad stories about this kind of thing online. Turns out that FN is very good at installing screws that dont back out easily. Finding these mounts was just what I was looking for to keep it simple. The mount, washer and torx screw are all steel. Fit and finish is top notch. A little pricey, but so were the Scars. I even had to wait a month because they were out of stock. Turns out the wait was worth it. Thanks IWC, Steve

  2. John

    Awesome product works great on my scar.....

  3. Michael


    A lean and mean limited rotation front sling mount with multiple ways to mount!

    I mounted mine facing forward of the left front sling loop(instead of rearward as pictured) and swapped the 8-32 cap screw for a flat button screw and have a perfect place to park the thumb my left hand and the adjustment loop of my Ares/Huskey Amendtum Sling is right beside my thumb when I need to sling-up or or go slack.

    This part is perfect in every way and once again I am very, very satisfied with my IWC purchase.

  4. Gerry

    I am a left hand shooter. So I purchased the SCAR QD RL Sling Mount Right Rear, but thought the Magpul RSA®-QD - Rail Sling Attachment would be a better choice for the front, WRONG! The Magpul QD socket has a sloppy loose fit compared to the IWC QD mount. So I took it off the same day in installed it and ordered this IWC, SCAR QD RL Sling Mount Front or Left Rear and just like the rear mount it is a perfect fit and great precision fit to the sling QD. Live and learn.
    Thank you IWC,
    Gerry Payne

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