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QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstock

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QD Rotation Limited Sling Mount directly attaches to the webbing slot on a variety of Buttstocks and accepts all Push Button QD Sling Swivels  

Made in USA.

This item contains 3 separate CNC Machined, Hard Coat Mil-SPEC Black Anodized and Laser Engraved components; 1-QD Rotation Limited Sling Mount & 2-separate, different sized backing plates as well as 2 different length fasteners and a 9/64" Eklind-brand Hex Key Made in USA. 

QD Rotation Limited Sling Mount directly attaches to the webbing slot on a variety of Buttstocks and accepts all Push Button QD Sling Swivels  

Magpul's MOE Buttstock is a standard feature on many manufacturers' AR15/M16 carbines as well as a drop-in accessory for those with a standard M4 style buttstock, but it lacks a QD Sling Mount.

Many Factory CAR Collapsible M4 Style Stocks do not have a QD Sling Mount.

Benelli's M4 Tactical Shotgun with optional Collapsible Stock lacks a QD Sling Swivel.

IWC's QD Rotation Limited MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstocks provides a simple, lightweight and cost-effective solution for these firearms.

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Read the Review on


Directly attaches through the slot intended for webbing located in many Buttstocks 

Rotation is limited to allow proper positioning of the sling between the firing and carrying position, preventing sling wrap-up and twist

Accepts any Heavy Duty or Standard push button Quick Detach Sling Swivel that connects to any sling and sling system 

Ergonomic, DIRECT attach design eliminates all sharp edges which can ensnarl the operator’s gear

Ultra-light MOUNT-N-SLOT™ design weighs only .490 ounces

CNC Machined from BILLET 6061-T6 aluminum; Type III Anodized per MIL-A-8625F


MADE BY AMERICANS working at Impact Weapons Components.

Product Reviews

  1. Ryan

    Does not fit Benelli M4. Despite the site stating NO GUNSMITHING REQUIRED, customer service stated that not all Benelli M4 stocks are the same and, in fact, modifications (gunsmithing) are required for the Benelli stock. Didn’t offer refund and told me it is clearly indicated in the item description that not all Benelli stocks are the same….still can’t find that bit in the description.

  2. Joshua

    Quality product and easy to install. The fit was perfect on a new Benelli M4 11715 (USMC model) that comes with the telescoping stock. Bundled with the Benelli M4 scout mount and M600DF and couldn't be happier.

    Great product and great customer service.

  3. Brandon

    Not an exact fit for benelli m4 collapsing stock. You have to file the mount, file the stock, or leave the gap. One of the better options but not as advertised.
    Ps, Don’t file your shotgun stock.

    IMPACT WEAPONS COMPONENTS Tech Support - BENELLI M4 Collapsible Stocks only; Benelli sells 2 different stocks, each has a slightly different width slot and they are not marked,

    As Brandon mentions, 1 slot is narrower, requiring slight modification to allow our to fit. Measure the slot width in your Benelli M4 Collapsible stock. If the slot in your stock measures <0.164", you are good to go and our SQDRLBS QD Sling Mount-N-Slot for Buttstock will install with ease. If not, a slight modification is required.

  4. Brian

    The product deserves five stars but the customer service deserves five million. Here is why: I placed an order a few weeks ago. I was not in a hurry, just planning a future build. I was aware of the virus potential slowing things down so I placed a call to the number listed here just to inquire and maybe hear a recorded message about how IWC was handling the virus situation. The owner of the company answered the phone and looked up my order himself and gave me a status update. It would be physically impossible for this company to provide better service than that. Proud to be a customer of IWC and I will return next time I need more components to finish my build. -Brian J.

  5. Paul

    Perfect QD sling add-on for my Magpul MOE stock. High quality hardware with super-fast shipping. Worth every penny for sling security...
    And... as stated above, Customer Service is top notch!

  6. Michael

    I bought this for a Benelli M4 (the "LE" version with the collapsible stock) and out of the box it appeared it would not fit. The threads on the screws seemed JUST (ever so slightly) too big for the stock’s sling area. I tried working the hole bigger by jamming in some stuff and working side-to-side and I also contemplated adjusting the stock sling-hole area to better accommodate the sling mount (via actual drilling) but after finding both of my drill batteries dead I tried to strong-arm the screws through by hand. As fate would have it, I was able to get the screws through the Benelli stock (almost “threading” through the stock’s sling opening) and now have the back QD sling mount in place! I’d recommend for anyone trying to do the same, do your best to leave the stock stock (see the pun there?) intact and fit these parts into it as best as possible. I was afraid I might deform the screw threads but I was able to get it installed and holding firm as delivered. I should probably give it 4 stars but it's in place and I didn't need to do any drilling/filing so 5-stars it is!

  7. Matthew

    Works as advertised. Put on my MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock. I wanted a QD closer to the end and this fit the bill perfectly. I liked it so much, I ordered a second for another rifle with the same stock.

  8. Jim

    This piece is as handy as a pocket on a shirt. It is limited rotation which I prefer. I had to get one inch screws to install it on a little AIM Sport stock I have but it works great. Fast shipping too! Thanks IWC!

  9. Wesley

    First, this thing was ordered on Saturday and in my PO box in my little burg on TUESDAY! They must've beamed it here. Wow.

    Use: add QD capability to my standard Magpul MOE buttstock. (I used the small plate with the longer pair of screws.)

    I had put a B5 SOPMOD on a another rifle, different role and really got spoiled by going QD on the sling mounts. My little carbine, which is a very light, non-tricked out "buddy" that is with me ALOT has its MOE stock which I actually like. It's light & I don't care that there's a tiny bit of slop on the MILSPEC buffer tube - I like it because I'm often going back & forth on collapsing it or not, depending upon what's being done. So I didn't want to ditch it really. That is where this little thing comes in (and I don't care that it's half the price of a basic SOPMOD). It added a QD socket - in very sturdy fashion - to the stock I already liked and did it in 5 minutes. Everytime I think, "somebody oughta invent...." they already did it.

    So don't overthink it - if you don't want to ditch your existing MOE stock, then don't. Just add this & drive on.

  10. Seth

    Since I didn't have the forethought to buy acollapsible with a QD in it, this was the obvious solution. Although, for a little less, I could have tried to drill a hole with a forstner bit and use a different model. Why chance it.

    The product was mailed right away. Even with free shipping it was half way across country in three days.

    When I first took it out of the package I thought it was plastic. THAT is how light weight it is!!

    There are two different size pieces for the back and two different length screws. Even if I change stocks later it will probably have the parts to fit. The narrow back just kept me from having to Foredom out some space for it to slot into, although I would have preferred using the wider one.

    As I said, this is so light weight I wouldn't even calculate it if I were trying to spec my AR-15; it is just insignificant, but strong.

  11. John

    This would be perfect but this is way over priced!

  12. Jeff

    The product is machined very well and seems like a quality component.... however it will NOT fit newer Benelli M4 Collapsible stocks unless you take a file to the stock's webbing slot; the component itself is too wide for the opening. If you don't mind filing the collapsible stock's webbing slot down (maybe 1/16th of an inch on either side), this part should work fine... just a heads up!

  13. SAMUEL

    Top notch product. This is THE option for those who have an MOE buttstock,and don't want to have to upgrade just to get a QD attachment point. Impact also has a small hook point adapter that fits this, so you can use either a QD, or a hook type sling. This is much less expensive than buying a a new stock,especially since the lack of a Qd attachment point is really the only downside for the MOE stock for most users. If you like your MOE,but want a QD point, then this is what you're looking for.

  14. john

    Perfect fit and placement for the QD sling swivel on my MOE stock!

  15. Jamie

    Great product. Purchased for husband as he was complaining about the MOE not having a good mount point for the QD sling. The price well worth it as understanding the time, effort and R&D resources for these quality products. Customer service is top notch! Thank you IWC!!!

  16. Robert

    I bought this product from another distributor and did not realize it was specifically for a Magpul buttstock. When I received the mount the bolts bottomed out before tightening down on the thinner M&P buttstock. I immediately called Impact Weapons, and with no hesitation the customer service rep assured me he would send me the shorter bolts same day. I just want to thank your company for the outstanding professionalism and prompt service! The product fits great!

  17. Chip

    This is a great little product, easy to install and works very well. Magpul really cheaped out by not putting a QD on the MOE. I gave this item 4/5 for two reasons. The first is that is machine out of aluminum. It will probably not wear out, but I would have preferred steel. The second is the cost. When you add the cost of the MOE + product, you could buy a CRT for the same price. It this could be price-pointed at $12-15, it would be perfect.

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