QD Micro Flush QD Sling Mount

QD Micro Flush QD Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT - 8 Position Rotation Limited Quick Detach Socket - Mounts through a single 1/2" hole in hand guards / forends / buttstocks.

QD Micro Flush QD Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT - 8 Position Rotation Limited Quick Detach Socket - Mounts through a single 1/2" hole in hand guards / forends / buttstocks.


QD MICRO can be mounted through a single ½” diameter hole in most polymer stocks, handguards, forends and buttstocks measuring up to .230” in thickness, including all M.O.E. Handguards by Magpul Industries.

Accepts any push-button Quick Detach sling swivel.

8 position rotation limited to prevent sling wrap-up.

95% lower profile than a separate Sling Mount and Picatinny MIL-Spec 1913 Rail Section, the ergonomic, flush mount design eliminates all sharp edges that can ensnarl the operator's gear.

The QD Micro Flush QD Sling Mount is designed to fit precisely through any vent hole in the Troy Industries TRX Extreme and Alpha BattleRails with no modifications.

Once inserted through the hole in the handguard, forend, stock or buttstock, the QD Micro Flush QD Sling mount is retained by a "Spirolock" on the outside assisted by a pair of setscrews from the inside to prevent the mount from rotating. Our design places all the slinging stresses in compression against the inside mounting surface instead of in tension on the thread of fasteners. 

Weighing just .243 ounces, the ultra-lightweight design CNC machined from BILLET 303 Stainless Steel eliminates all unnecessary material and fasteners. IWC then finishes the mount in Black Oxide to prevent rust & corrosion.

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. PERIOD. Return for full refund.


Comes complete with necessary instructions for simple installation.



Product Reviews

  1. Jonathon

    Perfect solution for a low profile QD socket on a MOE SL handguard. The MLOK slots on the carbine length MOE SL are kind of useless because mounting anything to them takes away from the grip surface of the handguard. Installing this socket in the handguard close to the delta ring solves this issue. I recommend using a 1/2” Forstner style drill bit.

  2. John

    Awesome product works great on my ar 15. I has to drill out a hole on my stock but when I installed the qd sling mount , it look very nice ....highly recommend ...

  3. Doug

    Very easy install once I got past drilling into a new handguard. High quality parts, finished look is perfect. Other review comments about short vs. long screws helped. Mounted mine near the rear of the hand guard so used the short screws.

  4. Kial

    Mounted this baby on my PTR aluminum tactical handguard today. I was worried that it would interfere with the PTR's free floated barrel because I was mounting this near the thickest part of the barrel down by the mag well. Not a problem. It fit perfectly, snug and tight leaving plenty of room. And boy does it look great! Like it was supposed to be there all along. Great work IWC!

  5. Kevin

    Like another reviewer, I too had some difficulty with the sparse instructions. That being said, the product is working exactly as advertised, and I'm very happy with it. I would recommend this to anyone looking at sling mounting solutions.

  6. karl

    I bought this to install on my SCAR 17s buttstock. After getting up the nerve to take a drill to my firearm, the installation went flawlessly. The final fit, finish and function are superb. Highly recommend.

  7. Todd

    This QD mount works perfectly. The instructions are easy to follow, and once the mount is installed correctly, it will not budge. I installed this mount on an old pair of A1 "triangle" style handguards, and the low profile on the QD mount makes for a clean look, and no uneccessary bulk. On the function side of things- this mount works well. I really am pleased with the way the 8 postion sockets align. This makes the QD sling swivel placement easy to set. A perfect product for those gunners that need lightweight, low-profile, selective sling QD connect placement.

  8. Alfrenando

    This great product is low profile and universal. It costs less than Troy's and Noveske's qd swivel mount. It works great on the Troy alpha and trx extreme. This can be mounted almost anywhere.

  9. Chip

    This is a brilliant product. I got two of them, one for a Troy Alpha and one for a Magpul MOE.

    The Alpha rail has such a small diameter it must be removed from the rifle for mounting the QD swivel. I place the spiro-lock in the higher ring, cleaning out the threads with break cleaner and applied Blue LocTite. Once installed, the QD is flush with the top of tube. Works great for running a 2 pt sling, if I switch to a 1 pt, there is no protrusion from the handguard.

    For a carbine length MOE: I did not want to cut a hole into the slot, so cut the hole higher up the solid part of the handguard that is on a 45 degree angle. This worked perfectly, is out of the line of sight, and does my support hand never touches the swivel or sling.

  10. Mark

    This product is great- works perfectly and is extreemly low profile and strong on my Magpul guard! If you have a Dremel and minor skills you can't go wrong.

  11. Nolan

    For much less than half of the price of Troy's QD swivel mount IWC offers a solution that's lower profile, and lighter weight. Now, IWC's unit doesn't come with the QD swivel but that was just fine by me as the sling I'm using has them built-in and I see no reason to pay extra for something that will just sit in a drawer. I found the carton that the unit was shipped in to be an interesting idea when I unfolded it and the instructions were printed inside. The install was fairly straightforward but I found the two lengths of screws (with one set having pointed ends) provided to be a bit confusing and the instructions didn't explain this.
    The unit itself has two grooves that the retention ring could mount in and I wanted to use the outside one for the lowest profile but it interfered with the hand guard mounting to the rifle and I had to remove everything. I had to switch the screws from short, to long, and back to short again and switch the ring in the grooves before everything was set up right so installation wasn't exactly straightforward for me. Putting the mount in the most-rearward hole on the bolt-release side of the TRX Extreme will require using the inner groove and the short screws so as not to contact the barrel. I added a drop of blue Loctite to each screw though the instructions didn’t specify it; this is just standard for screws that go on my rifles.
    Overall the ingenuity and execution is top-notch. I received the product very quickly and the customer service from my phone call to IWC also deserves praise. I look forward to purchasing from IWC again and evaluating other products of theirs.

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