M-LOK Barrier Hand Stop

M-LOK Barrier Hand Stop

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M-LOK Barrier Hand Stop

IWC's reversible Barrier Hand Stop is designed with an integrated Quad-Point Grip profile on one half and an ergonomic resistance point on the other half
The Barrier face of the Hand Stop provides a force point to drive the firearm against an object, like a door frame, or for extra grip when wearing gloves
As opposed to a bulky Vertical Fore Grip, IWC designed the Smooth face of the Hand Stop to provide a comfortable, ergonomic and low profile leverage point for your hand to push or pull against or for placement between your fingers as you grip the firearm
it's in it's element when placed at the front of a Pistol or handguard. The Smooth face is ideal to press your forward hand against, while the Barrier face provides a solid contact point against an object to aid stability and control
Weight: Ultra-lightweight design weighs only .501 ounces

Dimensions: Height: 1.113" Width: .600" Length: 1.350"

Quality is insured by precision CNC machining to exacting tolerances from USA Made 6061-T6 aluminum; then hard anodized Type III black matte finish per MIL-A-8625F



The M-LOK direct attachment system is extremely intuitive and easy to use. However, you can maximize your experience by reviewing our FAQ Page

Product Reviews

  1. Clinton

    As strong as they get... I purchased this as a hand stop mostly for my LWRCI 10.5" IC-DI 5.56 PISTOL. I have had lots of hand stops/ barrier stop that I have broken off, so most I dont use as a barrier stop untill now. This little guy can take a beating, this is the first hand stop I haven broke after just one training session... its lasted for a year now and 3 rifle classes... they should have called it THE LITTLE BEAST!

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