KeyMod Bipod MOUNT-N-SLOT directly attaches to KeyMod Forends.

KeyMod Bipod MOUNT-N-SLOT Stud directly attaches to KeyMod forends.

Elegent, minimalistic design and keeps the rail simple and virtually unencumbered by adding only what's needed to attach a bipid requiring a single Sling Swivel Stud to attach to the firearm.

Single-piece Sling Swivel Stud Bipod Mount design contains no threaded fasteners which can loosen and fail during use.

Simple, No-Tool Installation.

NOTE: Removal of handguard may be required.

Unlike a traditional KeyMod Mount, IWC's Bipod Mount is placed through the round hole in the KeyMod pattern and is secured by placing an O-Ring around the shaft against a shoulder on one end, which provides tension against the inside of the handguard while a c-clip placed into a groove machined into the shaft is used to secure the Bipod Mount shaft against the outer surface of the hand guard.


Single piece shaft stud design CNC Machined from billet 303 Stainless Steel.

Plated with Black Melonite to prevent rust, corosion or wear during a lifetime of use.

Weighs less than an ounce.

Proudly Made in America by Impact Weapons Components, LLC.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Product Reviews

  1. Mark

    Awesome design. This is exactly what I needed. I built a super heavy AR with a long, heavy barrel, a great big scope, and a big ol' Magpul UBR stock. Naturally, I wanted a bipod. However, I needed it to be low-profile when folded so it wouldn't snag while trudging through the woods. This nifty mount combined with a Harris BRM accomplished exactly that. Protrusion from the rail is at an absolute minimum.

    I also needed it to be durable - I am not gentle with my weapons. Materials are top notch and stand up to the beating I put it through. Installation was a snap. Yeah, you have to know how to remove your handguard and you need some skill finessing split rings on. I did it without marring the finish or flinging any parts across the room or into a bin. Honestly, if I can do it, anybody can do it.

    Casual shooters at the range won't notice this mount. Professional trigger pullers will. I've sent more than a few police and military folks to this site. Gear Up!!

  2. Kenneth

    Installed on Sig MCX. Looks good and works good. Easy to install I took my hand guard off to install but it takes 2 seconds to do on MCX.

  3. Ling

    Requires removing handguard for installation. Not only should I not have to do that for a keymod accessory, with the URX4 rail, I'm not willing to do so.

    Did not bother trying to install it after I found this out.

  4. Jeremy

    Simple, light, low pfofile and inexpensive. Great product.

  5. Naji

    I bought two of these to install. I am a little disappointed that this part requires the installer to remove the handgaurd. On most rails, this probably won't be an issue. With the BCM KMR rail or Knights Armament URX 4 this will be a pain since both require some time to remove.

    I did install this on a Gen 2 MI .308 rail and struggled to get the rubber O-ring to compress enough to allow me to slip the snap ring on. I don't know if the inner diameter of the keymod section is thicker than standard, but I had to use a little ingenuity to get it in place. It's nice to have a direct way of mounting my bi-pod. I really like my other IWC products, but this one was one of the more difficult ones to put on.

  6. Cory

    Not sure what other users had issues with. This took next to no time (5 min tops) to install, I pushed the ring on and didn't damage anything (not even my fingers!), and it does exactly what I expected with no issues. very solid. Great product, glad I bought two up front.

  7. Tommy

    So,... I've read a lot of reviews on this part. On both amazon and on the manufacturer's website. Most of you should be embarrassed. If you have no idea how to use basic hand tools, then maybe you should continue to pay others to do so for you. With basic knowledge, it should take you less than 5min to install this accessory, which works exactly as designed, if it wasn't installed by a chimpanzee. Great part, if you are looking for a cheap, and easy to use bipod mount for your keymod rail,.... that is unless you have never used an allen wrench or a screwdriver.

  8. Tom

    Was concerned about difficulty in mounting because of previous reviews, but thought I would give it a try anyway.

    Was very easy to attach to my keymod rail. Attaches securely and holds my Harris bipod perfectly. I don't think it could have been designed any better!

  9. Rob

    LOVE this thing! So simple, yet really does the job. I've got a CMMG Mk3 CBR .308 that I put this on and just love it. Yes, it was a pain to put on, but was totally worth it, as it doesn't shift, flop around or anything like that. Great product.

  10. Nick

    Super simple design, I dig it. My guess is that "Jeremy" used the wrong tool to try and work the snap ring into place during his install. I used a dental pick and it was a breeze. No scratches to my Noveske NSR 13.5

    From many range reports the common QD Bipod mounts attached to KeyMod picatinny rail sections regularly work their way loose on .308 AR guns after putting a few rounds down range.

    Nick D.
    Chicago, IL
    This IWC design looks to eliminate that from happening.

  11. jeremy

    Product, while seemingly constructed from tough materials, is of a very poor design. This bipod mount is attached to the keymod rail by pushing the mount through one of the keymod slots and then "working" a split ring down over the mount into the lowest groove closest to the rail. It is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to attach this mount to a rail system without heavily scratching your rail and the bipod mount. After scratching up my $200+ meymod rail system while attempting to "work" the ring into place (as per the instructions) I placed this mount back in the bag it came in and tossed into a box of gun parts probably never to be heard from again.

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