RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT for Scout & Pistol Lights

REVERSIBLE!!! The RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT for Scout Type Weapon & Pistol Lights is the first REVERSIBLE light mount.

REVERSIBLE!!! The RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT for Scout Type & Pistol Lights is the first REVERSIBLE light mount.

IWC designed the Light Mount to accept Surefire M300/M600 Scout, Streamlight Rail Mount 1/2 & HL-X Weaponlights and Backbone Replacement M300/M600 Scout Bodies and other Replacement M300/M600 Scout Bodies. Flip it over and it accepts handgun lights like the Surefire X300, X400 & STREAMLIGHT TLR series.

The RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT for Scout Type & Pistol Lights is specifically designed to extend the lights up to several inches beyond the end of any round, tubular for end allowing the shooter to place the support hand farther forward on the weapon, improving the shooter's control, speed and accuracy while increasing usable space for attaching IR devices, lasers, grips, etc.

RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT places the bezel of the light above the barrel and in front of the front sight base to eliminate all shadows, improving your ability to confirm the threat in no-light situations. 

RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT attaches to any hole slot on the hand guard.

Product Specifications:

Weighs only 1.47 Ounces.

CNC Machined from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum and Black Type III Mil-Spec Anodized finish.

Includes all mounting hardware, tools and instructions for an easy install.


Unlike conventional light mounts made by other manufacturers, which are machined to accept only one type of light, the RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT Mounting Arm is machined to accept one of IWC's Light "RINGS".

MODULAR. ADAPTABLE. INNOVATIVE. Simply remove your Scout or Pistol light and attach the RING to the RADIAL mounting arm to convert a handheld flashlight into a weaponlight. With IWC's ADAPTABLE MODULAR LIGHT SYSTEM, there's no need to spend $50 or more on a new light mount when you want to change your light.

Product Reviews

  1. Michael

    Fit was perfect and simple to install. There was an issue with getting the item out expeditiously and the guys shipped the items out for a Saturday delivery no extra charge so I could make a class this weekend. Awesome service! I will definitely do business with IWC again.

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