Impact Weapons Components, LLC's CSAP-QD MOUNT-N-SLOT brand Direct Attach Mount provides a centered QD Socket at the back of the receiver on Magpul's UBR™ (Utility Battle Rifle) Buttstock, allowing the operator to perform weak side transitions.

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Designed to be compatible with any Push Button QD Sling Swivel attached to any manufacturer's sling, like the VCAS by Blue Force Gear or VTAC by Viking Tactics.

CSAP-QD provides a central sling attachment point which enables weak side transitions.   

CSAP-QD was designed to allow Magpul's UBR™ to retain ALL of it's ORIGINAL FUNCTIONALITY.

CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

Mil-Spec Type III Black Hard Coat Anodized

Ultralight, just .385 ounces

Eliminates 4 parts originally included with the UBR™: 1-Screw, 1-Washer, 1-Nut & 1-QD Cup

MADE by AMERICANS in COLORADO from USA Made Billet Aluminum

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: MUST REMOVE FRONT QD MOUNT & RECEIVER KEY. UBR include a Front QD Mount which must be removed so that the Receiver Key can be replaced with the CSAP. Remove Screw and Nut. Use hammer and punch on backside of QD to drive Front QD Mount from Reciever Key. Moderate force may be required. Once Key is off, replace with CSAP and reinstall UBR per instructions provided with UBR from Magpul. 

Product Reviews

  1. Michael

    Product is precision made. Pictures are misleading. Does NOT come with swivel that is shown in every picture. Also installation instructions doesn't state that you should put tape around the qd cup on the Magpul and work it back and forth just a little to twist it off with pliers. After removing the cup, the stock mount will come off with ease. (you can see where the cup on the Magpul is a compression fitting).

  2. Brent

    A great addition to the platform if a smooth transition from shoulder to shoulder via single-point sling is a priority. The QD socket has a rotation limiter in it that allows it to angle just enough so the rifle hangs naturally when dropped from either hand. A easy-to-install, well thought out, lightweight, excellent American product.

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