Adaptive (Longbar) Light Mount - Scout by IWC

Offset Adaptive (Longbar) Light Mount-Scout by IWC


Offset Adaptive (Longbar) Light Mount-Scout by IWC


SAME MOUNT, single branded IWC.

PROVEN. For over 11 years, relied upon by responsibly armed citizens, top agencies & teams, industry trainers and industry collaborations, we've made and continue to make 10's of thousands. 

Specifically designed to extend the weapon light several inches beyond the end of the forend or rail system allowing the shooter to place the support hand farther forward on the weapon, improving the shooter's control, speed and accuracy while increasing usable space for attaching IR devices, lasers, grips, etc. 

Eliminates barrel shadowing by placing the light near where you want it, even, behind or in front of the muzzle or suppressor.

Attaches to any 1913 Picatinny rail, is fully ambidextrous, providing 8 different mounting solutions on a single rail system. 

Cantilevered mounting design places the bezel of the weapon light above the barrel and in front of the front sight base, eliminating shadows in critical low or no light shoot or no shoot situations.

LIGHTS - Compatible with Cloud Defensive REIN (ALL), Surefire M300/M600/M600DF Scout, Streamlight Rail Mount 1, 2 & HLX (NON-Laser), Olight ODIN, MODLITE (ALL), and ALL Replacement M300/M600 CR123A, 13650, 18650 Battery compatible Scout Bodies. 

Ultra-lightweight Offset Adaptive (Longbar) Light Mount - Scout by IWC are CNC machined from BILLET 6061-T6,

Black Anodize TYPE III to MIL-A-8625F and 100% Berry Amendment Compliant. 

Each mount comes complete with the necessary instructions, tools and fasteners required to attach your light to our mount and your firearm. No Gunsmithing required.

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. PERIOD. Return for replacement or full refund.

Recommended torque: 20 inch lbs for fasteners attaching mount to rail. 10 inch lbs for light body screws. Loctite 222 or 243 is optional.


US PATENT: D724,687

Product Reviews

  1. Dan

    Other then firearms one of my main hobbies is building LED lights and therefore I change my weapon lights around often and have used numerous different mounts over the years. This is hands down the best mount I've ever seen! I'm using it with a handheld light in a ring mount right now so between the 3 different sizes of rings and of course being designed for surefire scout lights I'm free to change out the light as I see fit and never need a new mount. The mount can be reconfigured for any rail position and with the plethora of lights that can be attached, when people ask for a mount recommendation there's nothing to consider other then if they need the 1913, m-lok or key mod version.
    I just remembered to write this review as I came here to buy another mount (this time an m-lok version) for another carbine I've put together. Other companies stop trying; you WILL NOT beat this piece of kit!

  2. chris

    Got this for my Surefire mini scout light to mount on my picatinny rail. The mount is super solid and gets the light forward and totally out of the way for weapons manipulation. The mount itself is very solid and extremely well machined piece of aluminum. With so many ways to mount it in so many different positions, its hard to find any other mount that will do what this little gem does. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to free up some realestate on their handgaurd. I'm going to order the dropwing next for my Troy TRX extreme.

    Chanderson1 (Tampa,FL.)

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