ACR Charger Charging Handle by IWC

ACR Charging Handle

IWC's "ACR Charger" Charging Handle is uniquely designed to lower the contact point for the Operators hand, providing clearance for your knuckles to pass freely under the Optic Mount, avoiding injury.

NOTICE: Verify clearance between ACR Charging Handle and Receiver BEFORE pulling charging handle rearward.

Product Specifications:

Control of the ACR Charger is improved over the factory ACR Charging Handle. CNC machined and relieved center section of increases the amount of edged contact surfaces on the ACR Charger, improving grip, with or without gloves.

IWC's ACR Charger is virtually the same weight & length as the factory ACR Charging Handle, ensuring the weapon functions and cycles as designed.

The outboard, pointed end of IWC's ACR Charger can now be used as gouging / tearing weapon, similar to the function of the charging handle found on AK type weapons. 

Hassle Free installation. Single piece design is removed / installed exactly the same way as the factory ACR Charging Handle.

Designed to function flawleessly on ALL ACR models.

Save your knuckles! IWC's ACR Charger's contact patch is angled down and away, which moves the shooters hand away from the top rail and optics mount.

The ACR Charger Enhanced Charging Handle can be mounted angle down or angle up and on either the ejection port side or non-ejection port side.

CNC Machined from a single piece of 4140 steel, then plated with Black Melonite Finish for incredible wear & corrosion resistance.

Weighs just .371oz

READ What Customers Are Saying:

"The Charging handle was well made and "heavy duty" without being over sized.  The size is perfect.  The handle fit in the rifle perfectly.  The handle improved the purchase  of the previous handle.  Works better with gloves then the previous handle.  Your handle is definitely in improvement  over the stock handle.  I would purchase it for my rifle.  Job well done." - Dale

"The solidness of it is great, it feels so sturdy and just the right size, without being bulky. It is at a great angle, very stream-lined package, and charging with it it easily accomplished. It feels "right", where as the stock charging handle on an ACR is just "ehh". The quality of such a small yet important piece and attention to detail is just another example of the great kit that one can expect from Impact Weapons Components." - Michael

"I did have it in our gun store and all of tried loading and unloading with it, malfunction drills, and cycling with just dummy rounds.  So far it's awesome and gives a way better purchase on the handle and doesn't chew up your hands on the rails." - Scott

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