Impact Weapons Components "PINNACLE" Affiliate Program

“The Best Compliment Is a Referral”. If you believe in IWC’s Innovative Products, Outstanding Service and 100% Warranty, we would like to invite you to promote IWC and in return, we will share a percentage of our profit with you!

Encompassing all the benefits of the SUMMIT program, the PINNACLE Affiliate Program provides you with the opportunity to earn money by referring IWC and our products to your friends, family and those in your in social networks.

PINNACLE level Program Highlights:

  • Free. No Cost to You: The PINNACLE Affiliate Program is our way of sharing our success with you.
  • Your Own Promo Code Linked to You: You create your own unique Promo Code. You share your Promo Code with everyone you believe would enjoy and benefit from IWC’s products or service.
  • Your Commission: When a customer uses your Promo Code during checkout at IWC, you earn 5% of the customer’s order total, minus shipping charge and tax, by simply referring a customer to IWC.
  • Customer Savings: Customers who use your Promo Code receive at least 5% or more off their entire order, depending on specific items purchased and their own Summit Membership Level.


  1. Create your User Account at IWC and login using this account.
  2. Enroll in the Summit program to upgrade your user account at IWC.
  3. Download and read the terms and conditions specified in the PINNACLE Affiliate Program Agreement Document.
  4. Request an Upgrade for your Summit User Account to the PINNACLE level by filling out and submitting the enrollment form below. The only information we need from you is a personal and unique Promo Code that you create, and confirmation that you accept and agree to the terms and conditions specified in the PINNACLE Affiliate Program Agreement Document. We also need you to submit to us via email or snail mail an executed IRS Form W-9 to enable us to pay you your commissions as outlined in the PINNACLE Affiliate Program Agreement Document.
  5. If approved, you will be granted your unique Promo Code. This Promo Code is valid during the Term (defined in the agreement document). When someone, anyone, uses your Promo Code during checkout at IWC, during the Term, you’ll earn your commission.
  6. Share your PINNACLE Promo Code with everyone, using any form of communication. The more you share your Promo Code and your personal satisfaction with IWC and our products, the more you’ll earn.
  7. Your Commissions are tracked in your account. Each time a customer uses your Promo Code, IWC’s cutting edge web engine tracks the order number, order total and your commission. You can log into your account to review customer order activity and commissions generated from your Promo Code.
  8. Getting Paid. You can use your commission at anytime to make purchases on IWC's website. IWC also pays commissions once you earn $50 or more in commissions. Simply log into your account, specify the amount of payment you would like to receive and click the Request Payment button. IWC pays you by check, by the 20th of the month following your request.
  9. Dedicated Support Team. IWC’s IT Team will help you with any questions you may have. Simply email: and we’ll be there to assist you.


Pinnacle Affiliate Program Enrollment Form
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