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TMC 1" Light MOUNT-N-SLOT w/ PolyTac LED


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IWC's Exclusive Offer!

IWC combined our new TMC 1" Light MOUNT-N-SLOT & Streamlight's 275 Lumen PolyTac LED to create a performance weapon light for your A2/M4, ACR or Magpul Gen.1 5 Slot Top MOE Hand Guard at an incredible price!

IWC designed our new TMC (Top Mount Cantilevered) 1" Light MOUNT-N-SLOT's with AMBI mounting capability, so you can place the tail cap of Streamlight's 275 Lumen PolyTac LED in either the 1:00 or 11:00 position on your weapon. The TMC positions the bezel of the light above the barrel and in front of the front sight base, eliminating all shadows while improving your ability to confirm the threat in no-light situations.


IWC's TMC 1" Light MOUNT-N-SLOT Direct Attach Mount

Streamlight's PolyTac LED

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