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Thorntail SBR Offset Adaptive Light Mount

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Thorntail SBR Scout is a Thorntail with a shorter arm so the light head doesn’t extend into the muzzle blast area of your rifle. Rings are available for .830″, 1″, 1.030″.


Product Reviews

  1. Robert

    I'm using this mount with a Surefire G2X Tactical and mounting it on an 11.5" with a Vltor CASV-EL rail. I decided to try out this mount because I haven't been able to find a mount that put the light up and out of the way from where my hand needs to be. I have the light mounted on the left. The mount tucks the light up tight on the FSP and moves it forward enough that it is completely out of the way during weapons manipulation. Light activation is still easy with the support thumb. Very well constructed locks up tight. I think this is the perfect light mount especially for SBRs with limited rail space.

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