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Thorntail BACKBONE 300 Light Body


Lateral adjustable 4 position replacement M300 Scout Light Body.

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Lateral adjustable 4 position replacement M300 Scout Light Body.

We Make Parts That Improve Weapon FUnctionality: We didn't want to copy SF's body with a single mounting hole in each leg nor make a me too product. It's not what we do.

Streamlined Light Placement: We see the value in bringing the light closer to center bore, yet know we have tens of thousands of customers running THORNTAIL, DROPWING & other mounts like BCM's Offset Scout. We didn't want to make our customers buy a mount that places the tailcap rearward, as that effects weapon manipulation, just to get lateral adjustment. So we worked to offer them a lateral adjustable solution, one that keeps the advantage of cantilevering the tailcap forward and including these features in the component they were most likely to require purchasing; a replacement body.

Our Solution: Working with our Partners at Haley Strategic Partners, we engineered our Scout Bodies to offer:

Lateral Adjustment: Position the Scout up to .120" off centerline, .240" total movement by using 1 of 4 mounting holes in each leg. So if you have a THORNTAIL or any other scout mount, you can have a generous range of adjustment.

Lower Profile / Closer to Bore: Our bodies sit .070" lower on any mount, reducing height & profile, by eliminating the tab SF used as an interface with their factory thumbscrew 1913 rail clamp on the bottom of each leg.

Reliability / Lateral Clearance:  We removed all excess material on the sides of each leg, while improving thread reliability by increasing the thread depth of the mounting holes by using a special bottom drill & tap in each hole.

Improved Electrical Conductivity/Corrosion Resistance: We followed SF & Elzetta by initially plating our Bodies with RoHS Clear Chem Film prior to Black type III Hard Coat. Then prior to black anodizing, special CNC billet masking caps and O-rings are used to mask threads to make the contact patch for head & cap exposed up to the Buna O-ring groves, like SF does on their bodies, eliminating any chance for corrosion or electrical failure.

Clean Design / Less Weight: We removed all excess material from the outside of the bodies to reduce weight. These unique & Pat Pend features provide value, quality and function to a replacement Scout Body for those customers wanting to take advantage of lateral adjustment.


THORNTAIL BACKBONE is a lateral adjustable replacement body for a new Scout Light or use as a foundation to build a weaponlight compatible with all Surefire M300 compatible components.

M300 Body - Weight .458 OZ  

Designed and CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum by Americans working at Impact Weapons Components.

Lateral Adjustable: Operator can move the weaponlight inboard towards the bore or outboard by using one of 4 offset mounting holes in each leg.

Generous Lateral Adjustment: Engineered to provide uo to .260" of adjustability on any Scout Light compatible mount, including DROPWING, THORNTAIL and any other manufacturers Scout Light Mount.

RoHS Compliant Clear Chem Film anodized for superior electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, then matt black hard coat type III MIL-Spec anodized for strength and wear resistance.

Package includes an assortment of mounting fasteners and chemical resistant OEM Spec BUNA O-Rings.

Travis Haley, Haley Strategic Partners, Explains the Products:

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