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Viking Tactics Surefire L4-Mini Light


VTAC MINI-L4 Light. Developed by Viking Tactics. Made by Surefire, LLC

Viking Tactics has joined forces with Surefire in the development of the VTAC-MINI-L4 Light. 

Unlike the E1 series of lights, the VTAC MINI-L4 has a single output head. Every press gets you an incredible 110 lumens from an extremely small package.

Viking Tactics designed the VTAC MINI-L4 to fill the void between a Surefire, LLC M300A Scout Light and other E1 Series Illumination Tools . The VTAC MINI-L4 Light has a KX1A 110 (LED) lumen single output head with a Z68 Scout light tailcap. 

This light is intended to be used in conjunction with IWC's SMC, TMC or RADIAL Light MOUNT-N-SLOT brand Direct Attach Mounts. IWC's MOUNT-N-SLOT Direct Attach Mount gives the shooter the ability to have a low-profile and lightweight light on their rifle with a focused beam that allows for better target discrimination at extended distances. The tailcap will keep the shooter from having white light AD's, yet is user friendly for normal use or one handed weapon operation.

Max Lumens: 110 • Hours Useful Runtime: 1.3 • (This light is packaged in a E1B clamshell.) Black only

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