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Thorntail INLINE KeyMod Adaptive Light Mount - Scout


Optimized for use with Scout Lights on KeyMod Rails with the pattern on the 45's at 1 or 11 o'clock position.

Haley Strategic Partner's (HSP) THORNTAIL ININE KeyMod Adaptive Light Mount is designed as the lowest profile direct attach mount, or the interface between a KeyMod rail and all Surefire M300/M600 Scout & Streamlight Rail Mount 1/2 Weaponlights and Backbone Replacement M300/M600 Scout Bodies and other Replacement M300/M600 Scout Bodies.

KEYMOD at 1 or 11 O'CLOCK: Designed for KeyMod Rails with the pattern on the 45's at one or eleven position. WHile not a complete list, these include rails from Bravo Company USA's KMR and KMR ALPHA, Knight's Armament URX 4, Midwest Industries Gen 3, Mega MKM and ALG Defense EMR KeyMod.

LATERAL ADJUSTABLE: When mounted to a KeyMod Rail with the pattern on the 45's at one or eleven position, the operator can select one of two mounting positions, positioning the Scout light .120" closer inboard towards the barrel for a more streamlined position or .120" outboard from centerline, providing additional clearance for a Laser Aiming Module or other weapon accessory.

LOW HEIGHT ABOVE RAIL: IWC selected special fasteners to attach the Scout body to INLINE. Called LOW SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREWS, these fasteners incorporate a head which is half the normal height of a regular Socket Cap Screw, allowing IWC to eliminate material and height from the THORNTAIL INLINE, resulting in the lowest profile mount available, placing the bottom of the Scout light .210" above the surface of the rail.

BCM KEYMOD FASTENERS: We selected the new Patent Pending KeyMod fasteners designed by Bravo Company USA for this component. The single piece design of these fasteners allowed us to reduce fastener count by 2, by eliminating the need for the separate screw and nut used in the first generation of KeyMod components. This allowed us to design INLINE with less material, saving weight, it eliminated CNC milling operations requiring fewer tools and less machine time and resulted in a lower overall part profile.


THORNTAIL INLINE is a lateral adjustable inline Scout Light Mount compatible with all Surefire M300/M600/M620 Scout Lights and KeyMod Rails.


Designed and CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum by Americans working at Impact Weapons Components.

Lateral Adjustable: Operator can move the weaponlight inboard towards the bore or outboard by using one of 2 offset mounting holes in mount.

Generous Lateral Adjustment: Engineered to provide uo to .120" of adjustability.

Matt Black hard coat type III MIL-Spec anodized for strength and wear resistance.

Package includes 4 mounting fasteners and installation instructions

Travis Haley, Haley Strategic Partners, Explains the Products:

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