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QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstock
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"How do I mount a Push Button QD Sling Swivel to my MOE Buttstock?" 

Magpul's MOE Buttstock is a standard feature on many manufacturers' AR15/M16 carbines as well as a drop-in accessory for those with a standard M4 style buttstock.

Magpul designed the MOE Buttstock to be a light weight and cost effective alternative to the more expensive CTR buttstock, which includes a socket for a Push Button Quick Detach Sling Swivel, which the MOE Buttstock lacks.

IWC's QD Rotation Limited MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstocks provides a simple, lightweight and cost-effective solution for MOE Buttstock users.

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Read the Review on

QD Rotation Limited MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstocks - By Impact Weapons Components

• Directly attaches through the slot intended for webbing located in Magpul Industries M.O.E. or CTR Buttstocks 

• Rotation is limited to allow proper positioning of the sling between the firing and carrying position, preventing sling wrap-up and twist

• Accepts any Heavy Duty or Standard push button Quick Detach Sling Swivel that connects to any sling and sling system 

• Ergonomic, DIRECT attach design eliminates all sharp edges which can ensnarl the operator’s gear

• Ultra-light MOUNT-N-SLOT™ design weighs only .490 ounces

• CNC Machined from BILLET 6061-T6 aluminum; Type III Anodized per MIL-A-8625F





Product Reviews

Average rating 4.8/5

Chip — April 21, 2012 — Rating 4/5

This is a great little product, easy to install and works very well. Magpul really cheaped out by not putting a QD on the MOE. I gave this item 4/5 for two reasons. The first is that is machine out of aluminum. It will probably not wear out, but I would have preferred steel. The second is the cost. When you add the cost of the MOE + product, you could buy a CRT for the same price. It this could be price-pointed at $12-15, it would be perfect.

Robert — February 21, 2013 — Rating 5/5

I bought this product from another distributor and did not realize it was specifically for a Magpul buttstock. When I received the mount the bolts bottomed out before tightening down on the thinner M&P buttstock. I immediately called Impact Weapons, and with no hesitation the customer service rep assured me he would send me the shorter bolts same day. I just want to thank your company for the outstanding professionalism and prompt service! The product fits great!

Jamie — March 22, 2013 — Rating 5/5

Great product. Purchased for husband as he was complaining about the MOE not having a good mount point for the QD sling. The price well worth it as understanding the time, effort and R&D resources for these quality products. Customer service is top notch! Thank you IWC!!!

john — March 8, 2014 — Rating 5/5

Perfect fit and placement for the QD sling swivel on my MOE stock!

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